How to get more air pressure from a compressor

Yes! Welcome back to our website, where we keep you up-to-date with air tools insights. Perhaps the best way to get more air from your air compressor is to maintain the integrity of the whole pneumatic system. Maintaining integrity means ensuring the tools, air hose, fittings, and air compressor works effectively. It may cost you … Read more

What size air compressor for blowing out sprinklers

Before winterizing, landscapers must know the right size of an air compressor to buy. However, this will depend on certain features, including the pressure supply, volume of air (CFM), and size of the air compressor tank. For winterization, you’ll need an air compressor sullying an airflow of at least 20 CFM and a pressure of … Read more

Can you pressure wash with an air compressor?

Ideally, one can ask whether to use an air compressor to pressure wash other items because of two major reasons: One is the feeling enjoyed from using multiple tools wrapped in one, and the other is saving the cash by desisting from buying another tool. Additionally, one can also argue that the idea saves on … Read more

How to put air in a tire with an air compressor

There’s literally nothing facilitating like having a sound journey. However, this jollity sometimes becomes an agony when the tire suddenly gets flat. It’s something that none of us has control over and sometimes it happens even when you have an emergency, what’s the solution though? There’s no better answer than an air compressor. See, air … Read more

What size air compressor do I need to fill truck tires?

Don’t get me wrong but every time I think of air compressors, I literally get Goosebumps. Air compressors have actually become the new norm in my world. I can now handle almost all projects with this power tool. Over the years, I have handled lots of questions concerning air compressors. Today, I felt the urge … Read more

How to adjust pressure switch on air compressor

Setting the correct cut-in and cut-out pressure for your air compressor can save you a lot of trouble and money. An air compressor switch controls the airflow level from your air compressor to your tools. The pressure setting is the most vital setting in both small and large industrial screw compressors. For small compressors, pressure … Read more

How to winterize sprinkler system without air compressor

To keep our lawn looking great, most of us rely on sprinklers. However, when autumn rolls along, there’s always a need to empty and insulate them. This way, they stay reliable until the next spring. Failing to winterize your sprinkler system may cause costly damage hence the need to winterize them. So, how to winterize sprinkler … Read more