10 Best pneumatic engraver Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


best pneumatic engraverArt is an exciting niche, and many artists enjoy if their work is recognized. In the contemporary world, the art of engraving design or decoration by cutting grooves into a surface has taken new stages. Many manufacturers of tools have developed super-efficient machines that are reliable when it comes to engraving. Luckily, I am going to take you through the top best pneumatic engraver in the market.

The technique dates back in centuries when artists used to produce images on paper for decorations, illustrations for magazines and books, and commercial reproductions. However, the current state of technology has led to more improvised methods of engraving, including laser engraving and photoengraving. Anyway, any DIYer or professional would prefer the best pneumatic engraver because of its pocket-friendly nature and flexibility, among other aspects.

Here are our engraving tools that made it in the list. Number one will blow your mind.


1. Chicago Pneumatic CP 9361 Industrial Scribe and Engraving Pen

Best pneumatic engraver

Key Features

  • Operates at a low vibration
  • Weighs barely 1.0 pound
  • Operates at a speed of 13,500 BPM

Imagine operating a machine that hits up to 13,500 beats per minute! What amount of work can you achieve in a set time limit? You’ll definitely perform a considerable chunk of work in the shortest time possible. The Chicago Pneumatic CP 9361 Industrial Scribe and Engraving Pen barely 1.0 pound. That’s too light to feel the weight even after a more extended period.

The machine also operates with the lowest vibration, thus limits the tension applied to the wrist. Besides, it features a compact design with premium components, making it easy and comfortable to handle.

If you are looking for a tool that is good for heavy-duty tasks, then this is the ideal fit. Thanks to its adjustable power that renders it suitable for a wide range of applications. Moreover, the tool can be converted to a hammer or light scaler. It also comes with an air filter and a hose.


  • Lightweight
  • Used for a range of applications
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Low vibration
  • Operates at a fast speed
  • Comes with an air filter and a hose


  • Some complaint about the noise level


2. Jewellery Air Engraving Machine Handpieces Graver Tools Double Ended Handpieces for Engraving Machine

Key features

  • The tool weighs 0.15 kgBest pneumatic engraver
  • Operates at a pressure of 0-3 kg/c
  • It operates at a speed of 100-4000 RPM

The Jewelry Pneumatic Engraving Machine features two hand pieces. The 0.15 kg tool is too light to operate for an extended period without fatigue. It kicks at a speed of between 100-4000 RPM making the tool first enough to work on huge tasks.

You will only need an air compressor of between 3 kg/ c to power this excellent machine.


  • Requires low volume air compressor
  • Lightweight
  • Operates at a fast speed of 4000 RPM


  • Some complaint of poor customer care services.


3. Gison Air Engraving Pen/Stylus

Key featuresBest pneumatic engraver

  • Enclosed in a heavy-duty stainless steel housing
  • Operates at a stroke speed of 34,000 BPM
  • Includes a whip hose of 6.5 feet
  • Ideal for stone and metals engraving
  • Includes medium points and optional small and large points

The Gison Air (Pneumatic) Engraving Pen is one of the best in the market. It is ideal for engraving in several surfaces, including glass, ceramic, stones, plastic, and steel.

Moreover, the pen can also reshape the screw head or broken bolts to ease withdrawal and to personalize tools.

Besides, the tool can also apply to clean fossils. It is a durable tool housed with a stainless steel heavy-duty material. With a stroke speed of 34,000 BPM, the pen is fast for any task at hand.

It comes with whip hose, which is 6.5 feet. The tip includes medium point and optional small and large points.


  • Operates at a high speed
  • Can apply in a wide range of tasks
  • Comes with a long whip hose of 6.5 feet
  • Durable


  • Works well but needs different tips to do more


4.Scribe and Engraving Pen Air Micro Die Grinder Kit

Key featuresBest pneumatic engraver

  • Incorporates a durable tungsten carbide tip
  • Aluminium body
  • Needles made of a sturdy alloy steel
  • High-speed rotation
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Replaceable tool point

Scribe and engraving point is applicable in a wide range of surfaces such as glass, porcelain, metal, wood, marble, plastic and other hard tackles. It is widely applied in lettering category marker effect.

The needle is made of plain alloy steel, making it hard and durable. It operates at high speed, thus grinding faster.

Another great feature of this tool is the compact small design and lightweight, which makes it easy to operate with one hand. Besides, it is flexible and comfortable to use and can penetrate up to 1 mm in depth.

It also features a durable tungsten carbide tip and an aluminium case making it grind harsh surfaces. The tip is not easy to drop and more durable than others. Moreover, the point is replaceable, and each point is backed with one free additional point.

You will enjoy a 1-year warranty. It has multiple certifications from PAHS, RoHS, CE, and SGS.


  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Can work on many surfaces
  • Durable
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • High rotation
  • Comes with extra tungsten point


  • Some complaints on customer service


5.Industrial Air Engraving Pen /Stylus – (Sumake ST-909)

Key featuresBest pneumatic engraver

  • Lightweight
  • Operates at a free speed of 3500-3800 BPM
  • Air consumption of 6 CFM
  • Works at an air pressure of 90 PSI
  • Medium point included and optional small and large points
  • Durable tungsten tip

If you are indeed a smart investor, you should not leave out Sumake ST-909 from your engraving toolbox. The engraver offers multiple features and is economical. Its package is backed with a soft coated housing making it easy to operate with comfort.

It also incorporates a tungsten tip which maintains its sharpness for an extended period. It is backed up with a medium point, but small and large points are optional.

The tool is lightweight and easy to operate working at a free speed of between 3500 to 3800 beats per minute. It is ideal for engraving metal and stone surfaces. With an air consumption of only 6 CFM the machine operates at 90 PSI.

In addition, the engraving pen comes with a two and a half feet long hose.


  • Easy to operate
  • Durable tip
  • High rotational speed


  • Does not come with air fittings


6. GRS Tools 004-895 GraverSmith

Key featuresBest pneumatic engraver

  • Has an air-tact compatible but sold separately
  • Incorporates standard handpieces
  • Used in a wide range of applications
  • An electrical requirement of 100/240 V at 50/60HZ
  • Operates at a minimum pressure of 45PSI and an airflow of 1.4 CFM
  • Operates at a speed of 400-8000 SPM
  • Incorporates a built-in air regulator
  • It produces sufficient speed for stone setting and engraving

Just like other GRS tools, 004-895 GraverSmith engraver ensures user comfortability, reduces fatigue, and increases production. It features a tremendous speed of 400-8000 strokes per minute and operates at an air capacity of 1.4 CFM and pressure of 45 PSI. The power it produces is adequate for stone setting and engraving

Thanks to the engineers who designed 004-895 GraverSmith with a standard headpiece making it fit for a range of applications such as multiple factory installations, stone setting or individual crafts. Besides, it works with an air tact compatible, which is sold separately.


  • Operates at a reasonable speed
  • Has a standard headpiece
  • Comfortable to operate
  • Enjoys a wide range of applications


  • Air tact compatible sold separately


7.Micro Air Die Grinder Kit Mini Pencil Type Polishing Engraver Professional Air Power Tool (Champagne)

Key featuresBest pneumatic engraver

  • Lightweight
  • Pen-shape design
  • High-speed rotation
  • No core vibration
  • Rear exhaust
  • Quiet operation

The Micro Air Die Grinder Kit Mini Pneumatic Pencil Type Polishing Engraver is built to carry out a lot of functions, including chamfering, carving, internal processing, and metal cleaning.

It has a small, lightweight design that makes it easy to handle with one hand. The pen- shape design is attractive. The tool is safe, durable, and easy to load and unload.

The armature also incorporates a high rotational speed but with more precision. The internal design ensures no core vibration and more extended operation.

Thanks to the engineers who integrated the machine with a rear exhaust that drives away used air from the working surface. Moreover, the device operates quietly, as many people hate noise.

It is applicable in many surfaces such as metals, woods, plastics and other hard materials.


  • Lightweight
  • Applicable in many surfaces
  • Incorporates rear exhaust design
  • Can be operated with one hand


  • No complaints from any customer


8.Pneumatic Tailstock Movable Top Thimble CNC Engraver 

Key featuresBest pneumatic engraver

  • Center height of 65 mm
  • Weighs 3 kg
  • Has an expansion stroke of 45 mm
  • Cylinder diameter of 32mm

The Pneumatic Tailstock engraver incorporates a removable top. The top has multiple replacements, but are optional. It is a standard engraver that you should consider as a smart investor.

With a bear weight of 3 kg, the material can work on hard surfaces ranging from metals, woods, ceramics, and stones.

It is designed with a cylinder diameter of 32 mm and operates at an expansion stroke of 45mm.

The center height of 65 mm makes it durable and sturdy.


  • Durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Applies in multiple functions


  • Poor customer service


      9. Double Ended Air Engraver Machine 0-4000PRM Double-head Air Engraver Impact Graver Jewelry Tool for Jewelry Crafts Wrought Iron Wood.

Key featuresBest pneumatic engraver

  • Operates at a voltage of 110/220 V
  • Comes with a footswitch and Air pipe
  • Weighs 6.8 kgs
  • Powered to a speed of 4000 revs/min
  • Works at an air pressure of 0-3 kg/cm
  • Double-headed pneumatic machine
  • Features an adjustable handle
  • Small in size
  • Powerful motor
  • Made of durable metal material

An engraver curves pictures, decorations, illustrations, and maps into surfaces like wood, plastics, stones, metals, and glasses. Any professional or DIYer would love to lay their hands on the Double Ended Pneumatic Engraving Machine produced by Bellax.

The double-headed pneumatic engraver features two engraving blades, thus no need to frequently switch your blades. Operating at a speed of 4000 revs/min with barely 6.8 kg in weight and an air consumption between 0-3 kg/cm is just amazing.

The engraver is also engineered with an adjustable handle which gives you the freedom to work at a speed between 0-4000 rev/min. Moreover, the tool is convenient, flexible and efficient. Thanks to the metal material and a robust motor design that makes it durable and sturdy.

Well, you can use the tool in a wide range of applications, such as engraving in woods, jewellery, crafts, wrought iron, and other multiple niches. It comes with two engraving handles, one-foot switch and one air pipe.


  • Small in size thus flexible and convenient
  • Lightweight
  • Good speed
  • Can be applied in many ranges of tasks
  • Double-headed to accommodate two blades


  • Some complaint of the loud noise


   10. Premium Quality HH-G01 Pneumatic Engraver Double Ended Impact Graver Jewelry Engraver 110V.

Key featuresBest pneumatic engraver

  • 1-year warranty
  • Weighs 9.5 kg
  • Operates at a voltage of 110V/60 Hz
  • Features 400-8000rev/min
  • Features a throttle bias adjustment valve
  • Air pressure adjustment feature
  • Has a dual-stage precision regulator
  • Features two impact handpieces

The Premium Quality HH-G01 Pneumatic engraver double-headed impact features a throttle bias control valve for tailoring throttle action and a front air pressure adjustment. It operates at a speed of between 400-8000 rounds per minute.

The tool also features an advanced valve pulse system which operates with no vibration or noise. Additionally, it has connections for two handpieces and an auxiliary air supply for other air tools.

Besides, the tool weighs barely 9.5 kg, making it flexible and easy to carry around. You will get a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer if you order this tool.


  • I-year limited warranty
  • Excellent speed of up to 8000 rev/min
  • User ability to adjust the pressure
  • Features two impact headpieces


  • Some complain that it overheats.


Buyers Guide for Best Pneumatic engraver

Before you make a move and purchase the best pneumatic engraver. We urge you to take a closer look at our well-researched buying guide that will lead you all the way.

There are many models of engravers in the market, and you need to arm yourself with detailed knowledge of the tool before owning one. Let us start by breaking down the different types of engraving machines.


Etching involves incising a design on a stone, crystal, and glass. Some of the tasks marked by etching include engraving wine bottles, decorative materials, and vases. In the ancient days, etching was done using acids, which could make a way on strong materials such as metals to create the desired design.

Contemporarily, acid was dropped, and etching is done using more refined chemicals. The process is swift, smooth, and produces durable designs. Moreover, it applies in a wide range of materials, thus preferred to other types.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is spotless and applies in many surfaces like wood, stone, metal, wood and even leather. I know you’ve seen iPad covers, yes! That is a result of laser engraving. You can also use this type of engraving in making name badges and portfolios.

The method does not require ink, and it incorporates the use of beams of light. The process is simple; the beam of light produces heat that melts the surface and leaves the intended design. You can adjust the machine to the required depth. The method is ideal for personalization of materials since it is precise and retains the initial size of the material. You can also apply it to make serial numbers and logos.

Rotary Engraving

The type of engraving is ideal for specific metals such as copper, aluminium, sterling silver, and gold. It can also be used to incise logos and letters on trophies, knives, plates and spoons. The mechanism involves a rotating cutter in a spindle that makes a design on the material. The method is appropriate for a range of tasks.

Pneumatic Engraving

Pneumatic engraving involves the use of an engraver that is powered by air. The air is passed from the compressor to the machine providing the force that propels the action. There is a hose that serves as a channel from the compressor to the engraver.

Pneumatic engravers are excellent since they are pocket-friendly. Besides, the engravers feature more long term benefits.

Here are the features to consider before buying the best pneumatic engraver


Speed is a vital factor that comes into play when purchasing an engraver. The speed is measured in beats per minute (BPM). This is the number of blows that the engraver makes in a minute. Air from the compressor passes through the machine and forces the piston to move, thus making the blows.

The number of movements the piston moves per minute designates the speed of the engraver. You should go for a model which is fast as you will accomplish your task in time.


An engraver is a machine held on the hands. More so, it produces vibrations that cause stress on the wrists. It is, therefore, reasonable to go for tools that are lightweight since you can use them for a more extended period without fatigue.

Heavy tools are tiresome to use and only applies when you have fewer jobs. Lightweight machines are portable and can be operated with one hand.

Drilling bit

The tip that makes an incision on the material is called a bit. To penetrate hard surfaces, you should choose an engraver with a strong bit. On our list, we have considered tools that have durable bits. They are durable and can apply on several surfaces.


Warranty is an assurance that the manufacturer is confident with the product. Products with more extended warranty are assumed to be durable. On the other hand, manufacturers who produce products that do not last tend to offer no or short warranty period.

Besides, accidents to crop in unknowingly and your machine can break down any time. Some even break down on the first day. You should, therefore, pick an engraver with a warranty that is reasonable.

Final Thoughts

After going through our detailed reviews and an additional buying guide, we are confident that you will be able to make the right choice in choosing the best pneumatic engraver. The features are many and confusing, but take your time to consider those that favour your task.

Don’t just go for cheaper models as some can be misleading by limiting the number of features that are vital when engraving. The products above are tried and tested by us.

Grab one and enjoy engraving your materials.