Best Sanders for Furniture Refinishing Reviews & Buyers’ Guide

Best Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

Sanding is a critical process when repainting or refinishing your woodwork piece, but most people do forget this phase. It seems like a phase that is not necessary yet vital to the overall appearance of your piece. Sanding ensures a clean, smooth, high-end, and attractive surface to your furniture. So, if you need a good sander, what specifications would you go for? Relax, I am here to give you every tip you need to land on the Best Sanders for Furniture Refinishing. Furthermore, I’ll present my list of the best sanders you’ll find in the market.

Besides, what’s the size of your project? If it is a small piece like a stool you can opt for sandpaper, but if it’s a big project you’ll need a good industrial piece that will serve your interest. Moreover, sanders save time by finishing your task quickly and more efficiently. So, without wasting time, let’s get started by reviewing the best sanders for furniture refinishing.

1. DEWALT Palm Sander, 1/4 Sheet (DWE6411K)

SpecificationsBest Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

Size: 7 x 6 x 10 inches

Weight: 2.8 pounds

Key features

  • 2.3 AMP motor
  • Oscillates at 14,000 OPM
  • Rubber over-mold texture
  • Incorporates a locking dust-port system
  • Includes a Separate counterweight

DEWALT is one of the leading tool dealers with an outstanding record in producing quality tools. It’s DEWALT Palm Sander incorporates a powerful 2.3 AMP motor that oscillates at a speed of 14, 000 OPM.

The tool gives you comfort while sanding as it has a rubber over-mold texture that ensures comfortable and smooth control. Besides, it includes an improved paper clamp of the 1/4 sheet sander for better paper retention.

It also features a locking dust-port system that allows you to lock the vacuum hose up with the sander. You’ll not worry about the intimidation from frequent vibration as it has a separate counterweight.

Additionally, the design includes a foam pad that flatters the sanding plane. The height is reduced to get you closer to your sanding surface. Enjoy a 3-years warranty from DEWALT if you settle for this sander.


  • 3-years warranty assured
  • Less vibration
  • Comfortable grip
  • Better paper retention
  • Great speed


  • A customer complaint of poor design model


2. SKIL Corded Detail Sander, Includes 3pcs Sanding Paper and Dust Box – SR250801

SpecificationsBest Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

Size: 6.77 x 4.06 x 5.2 inches

Weight: 2.31 pounds

Key features

  • Oscillates at 12, 000 orbits per minute
  • 1-1/4” dust port
  • Employs a hook and loop system
  • Low vibration
  • Easy on/off switch

The powerful SKIL Corded Detail Sander features a 1-amp motor that oscillates at 12,000 orbits per minute. It is versatile as it can deliver smooth performance over a variety of sanding tasks.

Furthermore, the sander is tough on dust since it incorporates both the 1-1/4” dust port for a vacuum attachment and a micro-filtration system that keeps the dust at bay. You’ll also have an easy time changing the sheet because of the hook and loop system it uses.

Your hand will enjoy a comfortable grip from the ergonomic design and soft rubber handle, plus lowered vibration from counterweight balances. The comfort and lowered vibration enable you to work longer without fatigue.

Moreover, the SKIL Corded Detail Sander incorporates an easy on/off switch that makes it hassle-free. The package also includes 3pcs Sanding Paper and Dust Box. Choose wisely!


  • Includes3pcs Sanding Paper and Dust Box
  • Comfortable handle
  • Tough on dust
  • Great speed
  • Smooth performance]
  • Versatile
  • Easy maintenance


  • Does not support mouse sandpaper replacements


3.Makita BO4556 2 Amp Finishing Sander, Teal

SpecificationsBest Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

Size: 5.25 x 8 x 7.5 inches

Weight: 2.42 pounds

Key features

  • An efficient through-the-pad dust collection system
  • Contoured, rubberized palm grip
  • All-ball-bearing construction
  • Conveniently located on/off switch
  • Delivers 14,000 OPM
  • 2 AMP motor

With a 2.0 AMP motor, the Makita BO4556 2 Amp Finishing Sander can deliver a speed of 14,000 orbits per minute. Thanks to the engineers for including all-ball-bearing construction to minimize noise and vibration.

The system includes large and easy-to-handle paper clamps that allow swift and efficient paper installation. Besides, the sander insists on a contoured, rubberized palm grip design for improved operator control and comfort.

It also employs an efficient through-the-pad dust collection system for a cleaner work environment. The switch is conveniently located in that you can operate it with one hand. The switch is sealed with rubber for longer service life.

Makita’s Finishing Sander (model BO4556) exhibits the features of the best-in-class sanders. It is for someone who prefers smooth, fast, and efficient performance while maintaining comfort and class.


  • Smooth and efficient performance
  • Good oscillation speed
  • Comfortable
  • An efficient dust collection system
  • Minimized noise and vibration
  • Easy to operate


  • Not durable


4.BOSCH ROS20VSK Palm Sander – 2.5 Amp 5 in. Corded Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander/Polisher Kit with Dust Collector and Hard Carrying Case, Blue

SpecificationsBest Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

Size: 9 x 5 x 6 inches

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Key features

  • Easy Disc Attachment
  • Smooth Finish
  • Variable Speed Control (OPM: 7,500-12,000)
  • Powerful 2. 5 AMP motor
  • Features a microfilter system
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty & 30-day money-back guarantee

If you need a smooth finish, don’t look far anymore, but choose the BOSCH ROS20VSK Palm Sander. The tool incorporates a powerful 2.5 ampere motor with a variable speed of between 7,500-12,000 OPM.

You will erase all the swirl marks on both flat and contoured surfaces with this tool. Furthermore, it saves you the headache of disc attachment as it employs a signature Hook and Loop disc attachment system that makes them stick.

Your working surface is also taken care of by the microfilter system for fine dust and trapping particles as small as 1/2-micron in diameter. Moreover, the dust canister shows dust level and easily disconnects for mess-free tasks.

Walk away with a package containing a hard carrying case, vacuum adapter, dust canister, dampening ring, sanding disc, and a sanding pad. The manufacturer also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • ‎Includes other accessories
  • Easy maintenance
  • Advanced filter system
  • Smooth and efficient performance
  • Variable speed
  • Powerful motor


  • It jerks your hand around uncontrollably as you are sanding


5. Mouse Detail Sander, TECCPO 1.6 Amp/15,500 OPM Mouse Sander with 12 Pcs Sandpapers (60 & 120 Grits), Dust Container, Ideal for Tight Space Sanding in Home Decoration -TAMS23P

SpecificationsBest Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

Size: 7.08 x 5.51 x 4.72 inches

Weight: 3.16 pounds

Key features

  • 2-Years Warranty
  • 1.6A fine copper motor
  • Delivers 15,500 orbits per minute
  • Includes dust-sealed switch
  • Comes with 12 Pcs velcro sandpapers
  • The ergonomic design of palm grip

Mouse Detail Sander takes care of your comfort during sanding through its ergonomic design that gives the hand a firm grip. The sander is efficient and durable. You can observe that from the 2-years warranty offered by the manufacturer. Its highly eccentric orbit creates a larger sanding area per revolution, which ensures efficient working.

The sander includes an eco-efficient fine copper motor that operates at a speed of 15,500 OPM. Its speed allows you to save time and energy for other tasks as you can work on a big project for a short time.

Its system is engineered with a dust-sealed switch and sensitive thermo-vent to prevent wood dust from entering inside. The low resistance feature of the fine copper motor ensures it delivers less heat and more power than a general copper-clad aluminum motor.

The sander is economical as its ABS dust collector is reusable by easily pouring out the wood dust. Its compact and lightweight design allows you to carry it for a long time without fatigue, plus you can access tight spaces. The package includes 12 Pcs velcro sandpapers (6 pieces of 60 grit and 6 pieces of 120 grit) to meet your different sanding needs.


  • Economical
  • Tough on dust
  • Eco-friendly
  • Efficient and durable
  • High speed
  • 2-years warranty
  • Comfortable to handle


  • Problem is the vent holes are all different.


6. PORTER-CABLE Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (382)

SpecificationsBest Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

Size: 8 x 9 x 7 inches

Weight: 3.6 pounds

Key features

  • Dual plane counter
  • 100% ball-bearing construction
  • Compatible with 5 and 8 hole hook and loop paper
  • Controlled Finishing System
  • 1.9-amp motor
  • Operates at 12,000 OPM

PORTER-CABLE is not a new household name in the tool industry. The manufacturers are famous for delivering high-end quality products. Its PORTER-CABLE Random Orbit Sander is one of the best in the market exhibiting multiple features.

The sander is compatible with 5 and 8-hole hook and loop paper. It employs a 100% ball-bearing construction that ensures smooth operation. Besides, the 1.9 amp motor can manage a speed of 12, 000 OPM for smooth finishes.

Furthermore, the tool includes a dual-plane counter and a balanced fan to minimize fatigue. The switch is also sealed from dust to ensure long service life. It features a controlled finishing System to maintain controllable pad speed and minimize gouging, allowing consistent finish and the extra-smooth surface upon project completion.


  • Smooth finishes
  • Minimizes fatigue
  • Features a powerful motor
  • High performance
  • Durable
  • Versatile tool


  • Some claim the 1.9- the motor is under-powered


7. MILWAUKEE’S Electric Tools 2648-20 M18 Random Orbit Sander

SpecificationsBest Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

Size: 6 x 11 x 7 inches

Weight: 3.51 Pounds

Key features

  • Offers 7, 000-12, 000 OPM variable speed
  • The sanding pad has a 3/32″ orbit diameter
  • 0Ah battery pack
  • Delivers up to 35 minutes of run-time
  • Milwaukee Electric Tools 2648-20 M18 Random Orbit Sander
  • This product meets customer requirement
  • Product is easy to use

The MILWAUKEE’S Electric Tools 2648-20 M18 Random Orbit Sander deserves to be on this list because of the multiple features it exhibits. First, the sander allows you to vary the oscillation between 7, 000-12, 000 OPM.

Its design incorporates a 5″ sanding pad 3/32″ orbit diameter quick Change hook-and-loop for easy maintenance. The sander also includes a powerful motor that enables you to sand more per battery charge.

It comes with a battery employing a technology that can deliver 35 minutes of run-time on an m18™ 3.0Ah battery pack. However, it will cost you extra cash to get the battery since it is sold separately.


  • Offers a longer running time
  • Easy maintenance
  • Includes a powerful motor
  • Allows variable speed


  • Filter doesn’t stay connected


8. CRAFTSMAN Random Orbit Sander, 3-Amp, Corded (CMEW231)

SpecificationsBest Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

Size: 10.13 x 5.5 x 5.75 inches

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Key features

  • 3.0 Amps motor
  • Runs at 12,000 OPM
  • Features dust sealed switch
  • Includes On-Board Dust Bag
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

You can never go wrong with CRAFTSMAN Random Orbit Sander. This sander includes a 3.0 Amps motor that gives a power that can run the disc at a speed of 12, 000 orbits per minute with ease.

The engineers incorporate an onboard dust bag connected to a 1-3/4-inch vacuum hose that ensures high-performance dust collection. Not to mention, the switches are also sealed to offer extra protection and extend the machine’s life.

Additionally, the manufacturers are fair enough to offer you a 3-year limited warranty when you buy the product. Therefore, if you are into one of the best sanders for furniture furnishing, CRAFTSMAN Random Orbit Sander is your way out.


  • Operates at high speed
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Durable machine
  • Offers high performance
  • Efficient on-board dust system


  • “This sander will not connect to a vacuum hose,” said a customer.


9. WEN 6301 Electric Detailing Palm Sander

SpecificationsBest Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

Size: 3.75 x 5.25 x 6 inches

Weight: 2.5 Pounds

Key features

  • Provides 13,500 OPM
  • Features a 3.75 x 5.5-inch pad
  • Lightweight design
  • Includes dust collection port
  • Has a Velcro base pad
  • One-amp motor

Just imagine operating a sander running at a speed of 13,500 OPM! Amazing, right? That means you can accomplish a big project in a short period. Furthermore, the WEN 6301 Electric Detailing Palm Sander features a 3.75 x 5.5-inch pad with an angled tip for precision work.

The tool includes a one-amp motor that runs efficiently for high performance. Besides, you can operate on your project for a longer period since the sander is barely two pounds, which you can handle without fatigue.

Additionally, the system employs a dust collection port that helps to minimize loose sawdust. Thanks to the Velcro base pads that allow for simple removal and installation of sandpaper. Its vacuum adaptor also allows for easy attachment to dust collection devices.

You will also enjoy a one-year warranty and a nationwide network of skilled service experts and a friendly customer helpline from WEN manufacturers if you settle for this sander. Remember, WEN got your back!


  • One-year warranty
  • An efficient dust collection system
  • Friendly customer care
  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight
  • High oscillation


  • “The power button on this seems to be a major problem now, “said a customer.


Best Sander for Furniture Refinishing Buying Guide

Yes! This is a vital section that will lead you to settle on the best sander for your furniture. However, before we move on to the factors to consider when shopping for your sander, let’s touch on the types of sanders around. Here we go:

Types of Sanders

Sandpaper vs. Electric Sander

Sandpaper is a common means of sanding but is applicable for small surfaces. On the other hand, the electric sander is ideal for large projects or for DIY enthusiasts who frequently work on sanding jobs. Electric sanders work on a bigger project for a short period saving you energy and time. All you need is the experience to guide the sander in the right direction and depth.

Belt Sander

Belt sanders are the type you’ll go for if working on large projects like wooden floors. They are large and cannot handle small projects like a stool. Furthermore, belt sanders are tough and coarse making them part with huge pieces of wood. Because f the size, you will find that belt sanders are mostly stationary.

Random Orbital Sander and Orbital Finishing Sanders

Random orbital sanders are easy to use making them lovely to many Moreover, they can have a medium or coarse grit. However, they differ from Orbital Finishing Sanders as they oscillate and rotate at random while Orbital finishing sanders rotate continuously. Orbital finishing sanders are preferred since they offer a smooth grit.

Detail Sander

The detail sander is a good piece of tool ideal for tight spots. It perfectly fits in flat and/or small spaces where other sanders cannot maneuver.

It is good for small furniture like a stool that needs thorough sanding in both legs and joins.

You are free to check our insights on the Best Air Compressor for Painting Furniture Reviews & Buyers Guide!

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

Now that we are well acquitted with the types of sanders in the market, we are now free to dive into the factors to consider before walking home with one.


Power is given in horsepower (HP) and is the strength of a tool’s performance. It is an important factor to bear in mind since some wood and hard and requires extra power. For your information, the best sander for all-weather is a powerful one that can sand all types of woods. However, you should be moderate during sanding to ensure you do away with the thinnest layer possible. As you can see from our list, the power of the sanders ranges from one to three, where one is just enough for a smooth surface.

Dust Collection

Dust collection is another vital factor to keep in check. The sanding process creates a lot of dust which must be managed appropriately for a clean environment and healthy breathing. The best sander must include an organized dust collection system with a dust bag and vacuum extractor. So, choose one with all these features.


An easy-to-use sander is a good option that will save you time and energy. It should have well-positioned and conveniently placed switches for ease of access. Moreover, the sander should be light to discourage fatigue and employ an ergonomic handle design for comfort. These features can make them a little bit pricey but trust me you’ll reap the benefit.


The faster the speed the quicker a sander will sand a piece. Therefore, a fast oscillating sander is good, but a sander with variable speed is the best. You can easily set your ideal speed and change whenever you want. The change in speed is advantageous since you can set your level depending on the toughness of the furniture. However, you will find that a sander with an option of multiple speeds will cost your pocket more cash.


Obviously, no one will love a tool that breaks down within a short period of use. Everyone likes to get value for money and this comes from the performance and durability. A good sander should incorporate a durable material and a sturdy body. You can check on the warranty period offered by the manufacturer to identify how confident they are with their product.


The price depends on the depth of your pocket, and have it in mind that the best machine will be on the higher side. The model or brand also affects the price. Just make sure you get a sander that can perform the task at hand appropriately and with quality features.

Vibration control

Vibration is uncomfortable to the body and dangerous to our health system. Therefore, a good sander should vibrate at lower levels to ensure safety and comfort. Furthermore, it will protect you from health defects. Make sure you check on the user manual to know the correct vibration allowable.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

Will a sander leave marks?

The marks depend on the experience of the person using the sander. Orbital sanders may leave circular marks but a professional knows how to adjust the speeds and position to come up with an even surface. Moreover, an electric sander will give a smoother and even surface than sandpaper. However, this should not be an issue since the marks will disappear under the primer and paint.

What happens if you don’t sand before painting?

That’s a very good question since some people do not take sanding seriously and usually skip this process before painting. Sanding gives a smooth surface for the paint to lie on for even layers. Uneven or rough surfaces will take more primer and paint resulting in bumpy layers. This withdraws the aesthetic look that many people admire.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up everything about sanders, you should identify yourself with the types of sanders in the market. However, merge the type with the features that match your job requirements for a smoother run. With our well-organized buyers guide you can choose from our list to walk home with the best sanders for furniture refinishing.

Good luck as you shop around. In case you have any comments please reach us in the resource box below. Thank you!