Can you use an air compressor to blow up an air mattress?

Can you use an air compressor to blow up an air mattress?

You’re probably out camping or just waiting for a friend to spend the night over; an air mattress can be a lifesaver. In fact, the secret to incredible camping is always an air mattress! These mattresses can help make your life much comfortable and convenient as they are highly portable. These inflatable beds are often equipped with manufacturer’s air pumps, and most people find them a bit more comfortable than traditional mattresses. 

Air mattresses are the coziest things you can have within the comfort of your home. What makes them a more reliable tool is the fact that they only need air, and you’re good to go. Well, this brings us to the question; can you use an air compressor to blow up an air mattress? Keep reading for more detailed information.

Ideally, inflated air mattresses come in various forms with a different price range. However, blowing air into them has always been a challenge to most of us as it entirely depends on what tools you probably have at your disposal. Perhaps the best way to blow an air mattress is to let it do it using a built-in air pump for most of us. Conversely, they come in different varieties. So depending on what is at your disposal, you can definitely use an air compressor to blow up an air mattress.  

Air compressors generally play the vital role of blowing out air into tools. And as mentioned earlier, anything capable of blowing air can theoretically work to inflate an air mattress. So if you’re probably out camping and you like traveling with your portable air compressor, then you’ll figure out the most appropriate way to use it blow up your air mattress.  

Tips to blow up an air compressor

Since most camping sites don’t necessarily have an electric outlet, using a diesel or gasoline engine air compressor can be a lifesaver. Here are a few remarkable tips you can use to blow up an air mattress using an air compressor.

  • Gently put the air compressor hose in your air mattress hole, then flip the switch and wait for the mattress to fill up. To make this process a lot easier, consider finding an airbed attachment. 
  • Since these units come in various sizes, understand the type of brand you have. This is entirely vital as each brand is equipped with unique features that may require you to either use its unique technology or apply the use of an air compressor. 

Blowing up an air mattress

Essentially, blowing up an air mattress generally entails blowing air into the inlet of the air mattress. If you can do this, then there’s no better way to have a cozy nap on your inflated air mattress. Although there’re various ways to blow up an air mattress, and one way may be longer than the other, our primary focus is using an air compressor. 

Well, for starters, you can either use an electric or manually powered air compressor to boost up your air mattress. However, this will entirely depend on unavoidable circumstances or preferably what suits your needs.

Whichever you opt to use, this article will aid you in having great use of it. Thus, before making a purchasing decision, always ensure identifying the type of air compressor that comes with your air mattress purchase. 

Important things to consider when inflating an air mattress with an air compressor

1.Read and understand the user manual

A user manual consists typically of the full details that users will need. Suppose the air compressor comes with the delivery of the product. In that case, it’s essential to read and understand the user manual to know how many segments the air mattress can be divided into and how you can effectively divide them. You’ll also be able to see the location of the valve on the air mattress. 

Similarly, reading the manual will be an eye-opener for you to learn the compressor’s design, use it with ease, and without a doubt, inflate your air mattress without difficulties. 

2.Identify crucial steps

Upon receiving your air mattress, you’ll need to remove it and start locating where the valves are situated. Depending on the brand, some will have one valve, while others will have two valves. Regardless, ensure you mark the valve inlet on the air mattress. 

Additionally, be keen to know the type of pump you’ll be using. If your purchase doesn’t include an air pump, always ensure you use one with a hose equal to the size of the air mattress’s valve. 

3.Prepare the valve and air pump.

Upon completing the above steps, ensure you prepare the valve and air pump. You can do this by thrusting the tip of the air pump’s hose into the valve inlet. Ensure it’s apt enough to avoid air loss. Also, you can opt to melt the plastic around the tip of the air pump’s hose. You don’t want to end up damaging the valve or the peak of the tube so ensure you do better. 

4. Final lap

If you’ve completed the above steps, you can fix the seal back to the valve after removing the adapter. While doing this, ensure there’re no air leaks. If you are using an electric air pump, make it a priority to switch off the power. However, remove the adapter before switching it off. You can now store your air compressor in a clean, calm, and safer place. 

5.Safety measures

Safety is paramount in any work environment and as such, always be mindful of your area of use. Also, ensure that where you plan to lay your air mattress is a danger-free zone, and there’re no damages on any part of the bed. 


Lastly, you’d want to repeat these steps to become a pro. Continual repetition is ideal in ensuring no step was missed.

Frequently asked questions

What other methods can I use to blow up an air mattress?

Well, depending on what is at your disposal, there are several methods you can also use to blow up an air mattress. By going through this article, you’ll be equipped with detailed information on the various steps you can use an air compressor to blow up your air mattress. Regardless, other options you can also adopt include using a blow dryer, hand pump, vacuum, bike pump, or garbage bag, just to mention but a few. 

Is it okay to fill an air mattress with water?

Theoretically, water doesn’t compress like air, and it weighs way high than air. So if you opt to fill your air mattress with water, then I guess it will end up blowing out before it’s full. Either way, I wouldn’t recommend it. 

Can I leave my air mattress inflated?

Never overfill your air mattress. If you fill them to a maximum capacity, then they are more likely to experience excess stress on the seams, which is not healthy. So if you don’t want your air mattress to rupture after few times of use, don’t risk filling it up to maximum capacity. 

Can I blow up an air mattress without a pump?

Sure, that is if your pump is not suitable for the environment or broken. That said, you can opt to use a plastic bag, preferably a garbage bag, which is thick enough to hold plenty of air. 

Final thoughts

A good air compressor will always make your work a lot easier. We’ve narrowed down all the vital aspects that must be put in place when blowing up an air mattress using an air compressor. Every step is relatively important in ensuring you stay safe at all times.  

You can trust that every detail provided is reliable, and you can always use the information provided again and again when blowing up your air mattress with an air compressor. Either way, keep your air compressor in your trunk just in case you need it!