How to inflate a pool with an air compressor

How to inflate a pool with an air compressor

It’s unbelievably true that we’ve once in a while manually blown our inflatable pool. Well, it’s something that you shouldn’t be ashamed of; however, the easiest way to go about it is through the use of an air compressor. See, air compressors serve multiple tasks in every household, which is why; it’s a pretty good option when it comes to inflating your pool.  So, basically, I know you’re now thinking, how do I go about it like a pro? Lucky for you, this review aims to give you unique, straightforward, and easy tips on how to inflate a pool with an air compressor.

Let’s delve in!

Why air compressors are the best option

There’re multiple and incredible reasons why air compressors are a top choice. First up, they are affordable, easy to use, and can be used for other jobs. However, when it comes to inflating your pool, they not only get the job done immediately but rather save you an incredible amount of time. The best part is that without any effort, your kids will be up and about having lots of fun during summer. Isn’t that just breathtaking!

Secondly, manually blowing the pool can be harmful and time-consuming. It’s harmful to your health in the sense that, when you blow air with your mouth for a long time, your brain tends to experience a lack of oxygen, making you lightheaded. Although using a hairdryer can also be an option, it takes much longer to inflate your pool. Similarly, if your hairdryer lacks a cold-air option, it’s impossible to use it since hot air will damage your pool. 

Another option that other users consider is the use of a hand pump. Well, it’s a good option but, your hands are more likely to get tired. Simply put, every tool is made to serve different purposes for a reason. Trust me; a hand pump serves its purpose perfectly. So, basically, air compressors are so far the best bet when it comes to inflating your pool. If you already own an air compressor, you’re definitely in a good spot! If you don’t have one yet, consider getting one and make your life a lot easier. 

Best options to pick from 

The best options to rely on are electric air compressors. Electric air compressors are easily accessible. They’re lightweight, allowing users to carry them around with ease. If you have a bigger pool, you may consider air compressors that come with a tank. Air compressors with a tank are a robust source and can easily fill your tank pretty fast. However, always ensure you don’t over-inflate your pool as it can easily damage its construction. To help the pool stay in a proper position, be sure to pick the right area and clear any sharp objects on the ground.

Easy steps to inflate a pool using an Air Compressor

1.Setting it up

Before bringing out the pool to be filled, always ensure your air compressor is properly assembled. For those users with heavy air compressors, it’s important to give it some time to build up air. For a battery-operated air compressor, users don’t have to wait long before starting to fill the air in the pool. 

2. Connect the air compressor to the pool

All inflatable pools have an air inlet. Locating the air inlet should be your first job. After locating it, you can now pick an air hose attachment that perfectly fits the pool port. Once done, you can connect the attachment to the air hose then connect the hose to the pool. If your pool has an inlet that comes with a layer of plastic over them, always ensure that the plastic is not in any way blocking the hose. 

3. Turning on your air compressor

Once you’ve ensured everything is in its place, you can now turn on your air compressor. As the pool starts to inflate, ensure the air is getting inside the pool. After some time, you’ll feel its tightness. If it’s your desired state or, perhaps, you feel it’s done, you can now move on to the next step.

4. How to do it right 

These simple steps will make your work effortless!

  •  Always ensure you remove the cap of the air filler valve from the pool
  • Connect it to the air compressor and ensure the air hose fits perfectly with the valve. You can then disengage the flaps.
  • Filling the air while checking in between if it’s getting filled correctly. 
  • If the pool is tight enough, you can disconnect the hose from the valve. 
  • While disconnecting the hose from the valve, ensure you’re not adding extra air into the pool as it can burst. 
  • Stay cautious always!

5. Turning off your air compressor

Once you feel your pool is done, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need to turn your air compressor off. Over-inflating your pool can be very dangerous. To turn it off, you need to unplug the air hose from the valve of the pool. Close the inlet pretty fast to prevent the air from escaping. Once done, you can now store your air compressor in a dry place away from the kids. 

Inflating pool toys with an air compressor

As parents, nothing excites us more than seeing our kids having fun. While there’re lots of ways to make our kids happy, pool toys can definitely excite them. One lovable thing about pool toys is that they can be easily inflated. Although they can be manually blown, they can be quite tiring. With the help of an air compressor, the task can be effortless. Conversely, most pool toys have warning labels on using an air compressor. This is mainly because if too much air is put into them, they are more likely to be damaged. It’s, therefore, essential for users to keep a close eye on the tightness of the plastic since it can blow up the toy. If it feels firm with very modest resistance, it’s best if you stop the inflation process and recap the inflation valve.  You can also check our 9 Best 12v air compressor for truck tires.

Essentials for thought 

If it’s your first time using an air compressor, chances are that you’ll make a few mistakes. However, with these few tips, you’re likely to avoid unwanted situations.

  • Never over-inflate the pool
  • If your pool is full of water, don’t inflate it
  • Always make it a top priority to check for sharp objects around before inflating it
  • When buying an air compressor for inflating your pool, go for one that you’ll use for other jobs

Frequently asked questions

How do I inflate pool toys with an air compressor? 

We’ve narrowed down this question above. Air compressors work great with pool toys. However, users must always keep a close eye on the tightness of the plastic as it can blow up the toy. 

Can you inflate a pool without using an air compressor?

Sure. But using an air compressor is much more effective. Check on the reasons we’ve highlighted above on why air compressors are the best option. 

Can I use a bike pump to inflate a pool?

Yes. However, it can be quite tiresome.

Wrap up 

Summers are a great season for swimming and cold drinks. With your inflatable pool ready for action, you’re good to go. As discussed above, air compressors are a good option when it comes to inflating your pool. I intently hope that with every tip shared above, inflating your pool will no longer have to be such a tedious task. More importantly, stay safe and cautious when using your air compressor!